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 Immigrant Champions of Canada (ICC) is a Calgary-based non-profit organization that was founded in 2020. Dedicated to promoting inclusivity, celebrating multiculturalism, and advocating for the success of immigrants in Canada, ICC strives to create a society that values and embraces the contributions of immigrants. As the only Black Led, Black Serving and Black Focused Career & Settlement organization in Calgary, 75% of ICC services are directed towards addressing the needs of African, Black & Caribbean (ABC) people, while still serving other immigrants at 25%.


To create a better future for immigrants in Canada, by promoting justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, through advocacy for the advancement of immigrants in socio-economic areas of life

We believe that immigrants contribute immensely to Canadian society, this level of contribution should also reflect their ability to build thriving lives for themselves and their families

Our Mission


To inform, empower, mentor, sponsor, support and facilitate the successful integration of immigrants into Canadian society.

How We Work

With a focus on promoting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, ICC champions the rights of immigrants, aiming to end systemic and institutionalized barriers that immigrants face in their day-to-day life.


Unique Platform

As a not-for-profit organization, ICC is committed to providing a platform for collaboration, learning, and support among immigrant-serving organizations, immigrant-led grassroots organizations, community leaders and employers. Through such connections and partnerships, ICC promotes better service to Canadian immigrants.


Value Driven Service

ICC recognizes the challenges faced by immigrants in various aspects of their lives, including employment, settlement, education, and community integration. The organization works diligently to address these challenges through initiatives such as career development programs, networking events, employer workshops, and other advocacy efforts.



By advocating for policy changes and raising awareness about the positive contributions of immigrants to Canadian society, ICC strives to create an environment that values multiculturalism and promotes the success and well-being of all immigrants in Canada. We are champions of inclusion through  our dedication to supporting immigrants and connecting them to thriving lives, promoting inclusion, and creating a network of organizations and individuals committed to championing immigrant success

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